Stockholm Royal Seaport

Sustainability Report

Completed Updated: 28/06/2024

Urban Harvest 2052 - The future of urban food production

Food production affects both the environment and climate and has a close connection to other vital societal issues, such as civil rights, urban cycles, and quality of life. Cities can contribute to food supply by using cultivation spaces on facades and rooftops, in basements and underground caverns, on floating structures, and underwater. The issue of local food security has grown in importance and will remain an increasingly critical global concern for the foreseeable future.

In Vinnova's call for Future Prototypes, future researchers, innovators, and creators were invited to submit sketches of future scenarios and speculative designs with the aim of establishing dialogue about how we address important long-term future issues through innovation.


The aim was to develop a future prototype to stimulate dialogue about how we view food, what and how we eat, where it is grown, and how food is distributed in 2052.


During three workshops, a vision and background material were developed that included:

  • A scenario describing events and situations that affect how we may view food in 2052.
  • Five snack ideas for what could be eaten at an urban harvest festival in 2052.
  • A concept for a "food cathedral" where the city's vegetables will be grown.
  • An exhibition stand and brochure for dialogue and feedback.

The results were presented in the form of a future outlook on a harvest festival in 2052 at the Open House in September 2022. A taste sample based on one of the recipes, a pavilion, and harvest decorations were presented. The event became a place for co-creation and dialogue.

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