Stockholm Royal Seaport

Sustainability Report


The knowledge being built within the framework of Stockholm Royal Seaport's sustainability work is being utilised and made accessible to more people.

The sustainability work in depth

Here, we go into more detail about some of the sustainability efforts at Stockholm Royal Seaport.

Explore the hidden flows of the city

Explore the hidden flows of the city

Reflow visualises the city's interaction with both local and global flows of energy, water, and materials, with examples from Stockholm Royal Seaport. Facts, graphics, and short films narrate how the city works to reuse resources and reduce energy use in order to close the various eco-cycles.

Reflow is based on a research project where the City of Stockholm and KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) have mapped the city's flows.


Documents related to goals and governance, reports as well as innovation projects.


Green Space Index, Public open spaces with social value, mobility index. There are many words to keep track of in urban development. In the glossary we explain some of the most frequently occurring concepts.