Stockholm Royal Seaport

Sustainability Report

Vision & Goals

Sustainable urban development is based on a holistic approach and long-term perspective in both planning and implementation. The vision for the Royal Seaport has been formulated from the City of Stockholm's overarching policy documents, such as the city budget, environmental program, Stockholm City Plan, and others.

Sustainable Urban Development Programme 2021
Sustainable Urban Development Programme

Urban development principles and sustainability targets (pdf)

Stockholm Royal Seaport paves the way for a sustainable future

A walk through Stockholm's Royal Seaport offers a captivating journey through the area's rich history, diverse contrasts, and unique characters. Here, water and harbor, the Royal National City Park, extensive infrastructure, cultural and historical landmarks, residences, and businesses unite.

This compact, multifaceted district centers around people while seamlessly integrating nature. Stockholm Royal Seaport fosters an inclusive atmosphere, characterized by safe and lively meeting spaces. Resource-efficient, comprehensive solutions lead to reduced climate impact, enhanced climate adaptation, and readiness for future challenges.

Collaboration and inventive thinking lay the foundation for creative solutions and promote broad community engagement. This is how the Stockholm Royal Seaport propels the development of the next generation of sustainable urban areas.

Our five target areas

The vision is materialized in five target areas; Vibrant City, Accessibility and Proximity, Resource Efficiency and Reduced Climate Impact, Let nature do the work, Consultation and Learning

Contributing to Agenda 2030

The development of Stockholm Royal Seaport is primarily based on SDG 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities, although the five target areas collectively work across all the UN global goals.