Stockholm Royal Seaport

Sustainability Report

Results and achievements

Sustainable urban development is based on a holistic approach and long-term perspective in planning and implementation. Sustainability targets are monitored throughout the process - starting from a signed land allocation agreement. Results of the monitoring are reported annually on this site, in a summary pdf and a results appendix with details about Green Space Index, energy, waste, transport, materials and indoor environment.
Stockholm Royal Seaport' programme for sustainable urban development (pdf).

The five goals in brief

Vibrant city focuses on people through the establishment of an attractive and vibrant city environment. Accessibility and proximity is about creating a dense and accessible city that provides a basis for sustain­able transport. Flexible and robust solutions that con­tribute to Resource efficiency and reduced climate impact to meet future challenges are being devel­oped in Stockholm Royal Seaport. Let nature do the work describes how ecosystems can be used to create rich plant and animal life and for people’s health and wellbeing. Participation and learning is stimulated in Stockholm Royal Seaport to create interest and ties to the site and to spread knowledge and experience.

Agenda 2030

In the urban development project Stockholm Royal Seaport, five sustainability goals form the basis that contribute to all the UN's global goals for sustainable development.