Stockholm Royal Seaport

Sustainability Report

Transforming a brownfield site into a green and bustling city hub

In Stockholm Royal Seaport, innovations foster sustainable, resource-efficient urban development.

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A Walk Through Gasverket

The city's vision is to preserve and develop the culturally significant buildings and environments within the Gasverket.

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Newly planted trees

The diverse array of tree species supports biodiversity and strengthens ecological dispersal corridors.

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Sustainability in focus

Stockholm Royal Seaport's ambitious sustainability goals require new knowledge to be developed and shared with all stakeholders in the urban development process.

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policy document

Sustainable Urban Development Programme

Our urban development is based on a holistic approach and long-term perspective in both planning and implementation.

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Sustainablility Programme Stockholm 2021
Stockholm Royal Seaport

Award-winning urban development

For its innovative and long-term sustainability solutions, Stockholm Royal Seaport has been rewarded with the ROT Award, Landscape Architecture Award, and C40 Cities Award, among others.

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An innovative part of Stockholm

This is where innovation within logistics, water, waste and greenspace is being nurtured.

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Stockholm Royal Seaport in short

One of the largest urban development sites in Europe

12,000 new housing units

35,000 workplaces

60 property developers

No more than 200 metres to a park

916 MWh solar energy produced in 2023