Stockholm Royal Seaport

Sustainability Report

Completed Updated: 13/02/2024

Smart City SRS

Purpose and Goals

The purpose of Smart City SRS was to develop an open data and integration platform in combination with real-time analysis and feedback processes.

Results and experiences

Smart City SRS integrated and analysed data from various urban sectors, including energy, water, waste and transport, to provide real-time feedback to urban planners, industries, organisations, and citizens, as well as generate new insights and support better decisions.

The project trialled different approaches to communicating results from tracking energy use, waste management, and traffic statistics to the users of the urban district to contribute to behavioural change. One conclusion was that the actual needs of residents should be identified, and sustainability information should be combined with data that can make everyday life easier. To test this approach, a prototype “dashboard” was created for residents. Insights around communication were carried forward into the Citizen Communication Platform or LocalLife project.

The project was a collaborative effort representing citizens, property developers, waste, water and energy companies, and administrations to meet the vision of real-time feedback described in the sustainability programme of Stockholm Royal Seaport.

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