Stockholm Royal Seaport

Sustainability Report

Completed Updated: 13/02/2024

Innovation procurement land remediation

Stockholm Royal Seaport is built in a former industrial area that needs to be remediated before use. Soil in the Kolkajen phase of the project is contaminated with substances that are hazardous to health and the environment, and that need to be treated. One option is to excavate and transport soil and materials from the area to be treated elsewhere. However, this is extremely costly, with estimates ranging up to SEK 400 million. Therefore, other methods for remediating soil on site, so-called in-situ methods, were investigated.

Purpose and goal

The purpose of the project is to identify, procure, and test collection techniques and methods to treat polluted materials on site. The goal is to reduce the costs for treating polluted land.

Results and experiences

An innovation procurement in collaborative contracting was carried out in 2016-2017 for the Kolkajen phase, where tests were conducted with the injection of various products for biological degradation and chemical oxidation, as well as tests to purify soil. In addition, thermal treatment has been tested in the laboratory. Several of these tests showed promising results, mainly chemical oxidation and biodegradation. In 2018, pilot tests were carried out to assess whether chemical oxidation can be applied in Kolkajen. These works are continued to be carried out on site and at full scale.