Stockholm Royal Seaport

Sustainability Report

Systematic digital tracking makes it easier to meet climate goals

Stockholm Royal Seaport is the first urban development project in Sweden to use BEAst as a system support to collect environmental data from transportation to and from the construction site. The objective is to digitally, and in a standardised way, gather, analyse, and monitor data to ensure climate targets are met.

Stockholm Royal Seaport is one of Europe’s most extensive urban development areas. A total of at least 12,000 new homes and 35,000 new workplaces are planned and is a designated sustainability area for the City of Stockholm. A cloud-based platform will now serve as the 'hub' for both collecting and managing environmental data, providing complete traceability of incoming data related to transport and bulk materials.

Through procurement of BEAst supply support systems, we can implement wide-scale digital data collection across the city's construction projects and among our developers. The support system allows for data sharing with our suppliers and the collection of data pertinent to sustainability, productivity, and economics. This capability confirms that the high climate goals set for Stockholm Royal Seaport and in the long term the City of Stockholm, align with our sustainability programmes and the construction industry's roadmap for 2045.

"It is gratifying that the City of Stockholm has chosen Kubicom as the system and platform for managing environmental data. Over the past few years, we have conducted rigorous pilot projects in various locations across Sweden, in collaboration with both clients and suppliers. These projects have demonstrated not just environmental benefits but also efficiencies. The shift from pilot projects to continuous operations underscores the substantial value our platform and technology deliver," says Atle Andersen, CEO of Kubicom.

Construction site in Värtahamnen viewed from above
Preparatory works in Södra Värtahamnen

Article Published: 16/05/2023 Updated: 30/05/2024