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Awards and nominations for Stockholm Royal Seaport

Awards won

  • 2021: Building 8 in Gasverket wins Stockholms Byggmästareförenings ROT Prize Jury's statement: "Gasverket's purifier building receives the ROT Prize for the inspiring transformation from an empty shell to an articulated beauty with future possibilities. The project exemplifies how the preservation of existing values can lead to qualitative, long-term, and sustainable solutions. The building has been repurposed in its entirety, with minimal materials removed and few new ones added. The project overcame the challenges posed by the building's previous contaminations. The once closed and inaccessible building has been opened and revitalised with educational activities and students. The choice of tenant is not only a stroke of luck for the property but also beneficial for the development of the new district. The long-term ownership, deliberate processes, and the synergy between the developer's, contractor's, and architect's expertise are key to the project's results and economic success. Gasverket Building 8 also demonstrates that good architecture built with quality materials can last long and play a central role through different eras."
  • 2020: Bobergsskolan is the winner of the School Building of the Year, presented by Norchon Jury's statement: "With a fine balance between the historical and the modern, Bobergsskolan transforms the traditional longhouse into an exciting, rich, and diverse world of various spaces and inspiring details.” “Character' is perhaps the word that summarises the building, with a clear identity both externally and internally. A simple basic I structure that feels lively due to well-handled materials and a mix of old and new that creates variation. The architecture successfully navigates between informal and self-assured richness of detail – inspiring for all."
  • 2019: Jaktgatan wins the Swedish Architects' Landscape Architecture Prize Jury's statement: "Jaktgatan and Lövängsgatan are exceptionally joyful main streets that provide a credible answer to what the dense green city looks like in practice. The project is pioneering in proactively creating space for vegetation that provides both a sensory experience and a buffer against climate change. The lushness of the wide, beautifully composed planting is unique. The street's layout and beautiful material handling show that pedestrians have been prioritised."
  • 2015: Stockholm Royal Seaport receives the C40 award for the best project in sustainable urban development at the climate meeting in Paris, given by the global network C40. Jury's statement: "Stockholm, Sustainable Communities: Stockholm has very high ambitions for sustainable development. Policies such as ‘The Walkable City’ and ‘Fossil fuel free 2040’, are world-leading. To further develop the city’s ambitions, the Stockholm Royal Seaport (SRS) has been pinpointed to test how to incorporate available best practices and become a model for sustainable urban development."


  • 2024: Bobergstorget nominated for Landmärket, Swedish Architects' Landscape Architecture Prize.
  • 2023: Gasverket nominated for the European Award AHI (Architectural Heritage Intervention) in the public places category.
  • 2021: Tenant-owned apartments Djurgårdsvyn nominated for Building of the Year in the housing category.
  • 2021: The preschool Anna nominated for Stockholm Building of the Year.
  • 2020: Gasverket Building20, Bobergsskolan, and the plus-energy building nominated for Stockholm Building of the Year.
  • 2019: Husarviksbron nominated for the Steel Building Prize.
  • 2018: Zenhusen nominated for the Swedish Design Awards.
  • 2018: Reflow nominated for the Swedish Design Prize.
  • 2018: The block Stora Sjöfallet nominated for the Swedish Concrete Architectural Prize Prefab.
  • 2017: Kolkajen nominated for the Planning Prize.
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Article Published: 21/04/2024 Updated: 26/06/2024