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260 study visit groups in 2023

During 2023, 260 visitor groups visited Stockholm Royal Seaport to learn more about urban development and Stockholm's sustainability efforts. In total, there were more than 5,700 visitors over the year.

"In recent years, more educational programs are including a visit to one of the urban development projects in Stockholm. A visit to Stockholm Royal Seaport is a recurring part of several educational programmes. Tours aimed at residents have also increased in the past two years and are a popular feature among locals and new residents," says Camilla Edvinsson, Visitor Communications Officer.

Visitors come from both Sweden and other parts of the world, mainly from the Nordic countries, other parts of Europe, and Asia, including students, other municipalities and cities, politicians, interest groups, or companies. The questions primarily focus on various sustainability aspects such as reducing climate impact, climate adaptation, and social sustainability, as well as Stockholm Royal Seaport’s systematic work with sustainability requirements and monitoring. The various innovation projects linked to the development also arouse great interest.

"The visitor operations in the City of Stockholm consist of a team of four visitor communications officers based at the Stockholm City Development Administration. They collaborate with, among others, the City Planning Administration, the Environmental Administration, the Traffic Administration, and the Protocol Unit at the City of Stockholm’s Executive Office," says Martin Ottosson, Communications Strategist at the Development Administration and responsible for the visitor operations that cover six of the city’s development projects.

About half of the groups visit Stockholm Royal Seaport, and to date, over 50,000 visitors from more than 120 countries have visited the urban development project.

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Article Published: 19/04/2024 Updated: 07/06/2024