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Bio-CCS facility for carbon capture planned in Energihamnen

Stockholm Exergi is planning to build Europe's largest bio-CCS facility in Energihamnen. The Land and Environment Court has granted an environmental permit for the facility, which, once operational, will be capable of capturing 800,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually, exceeding the emissions from road traffic in Stockholm over the same period. The facility will be a crucial component in achieving both Stockholm's and Sweden's climate targets.

Energihamnen is a subsection within the Stockholm Royal Seaport urban development project, where Stockholm Exergi plans to construct one of Europe's first large-scale facilities for carbon capture through bio-CCS. The location is ideal, with both a biomass power plant and proximity to existing port operations.

In late March 2024, the Land and Environmental Court approved the initiative and thereby granted Stockholm Exergi permission to build the facility. The environmental permit covers both the construction and operation of the facility, providing a basis for Stockholm Exergi to make investment decisions and begin construction. The plan is for the facility to be operational by 2027. Stockholm Exergi is seeking funding for the facility and has been granted support from the EU's Innovation Fund.

What does a bio-CCS do?

To minimise global warming in line with the Paris Agreement, carbon dioxide emissions must be significantly reduced. However, reducing carbon emissions alone will not suffice. Negative emissions are also required, which can be achieved by capturing and storing carbon dioxide in a bio-CCS facility (Biogenic Energy with Carbon Capture and Storage). In the new facility, carbon dioxide is separated from the flue gases of the biomass power plant and compressed into a liquid form, then transported to permanent storage where it is mineralised and becomes part of the bedrock.

More about the facility, Stockholm Exergi's webbpage.

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Article Published: 19/04/2024 Updated: 05/06/2024