Stockholm Royal Seaport

Sustainability Report

Living in Stockholm Royal Seaport

Residents of Stockholm Royal Seaport enjoy living in the area, and the degree of satisfaction have increased over recent years. This is evident from the latest resident survey from 2023, where eight out of ten are very satisfied. It is primarily the access to parks and natural areas, as well as squares and outdoor meeting places that are appreciated. The increased range of services is also valued.

The resident survey shows that nine out of ten perceive Stockholm Royal Seaport as safe, the same high figures were recorded in the first survey conducted in 2016. This is an increase from the previous survey in 2019, when perceived safety had slightly decreased, although the results were still good at the time, compared to the rest of the city.

When it comes to commuting to and from the area, the proportion of residents using public transport 3-5 days a week has slightly decreased from just over six out of ten to five out of ten, which may be due to more working from home since the pandemic. This is also evident among those who drive or cycle, where the largest decrease is among those who commute to and from Stockholm Royal Seaport at least five days per week. An increasing number of people are satisfied with the availability of cycle lanes, their maintenance, and the possibility of cycling to and from other districts compared to before. Just over half of the respondents state that they own or have access to at least one car in their household – but fewer than one in ten are part of a carpool. The proportion of electric and plug-in hybrid cars has increased since the last survey from 17 per cent to now one third. Men commute by car to and from the area significantly more than women, both during winter and summer.

Two cyclists surrounded by greenery
More people are now satisfied with the availability of bike paths
Aerial view of the National Urban Park and Husarviken, featuring a residential area with Gasverket in the backdrop
The latest resident survey shows that eight out of ten residents are very satisfied.

Sustainability aspects continue to be important for residents of Stockholm Royal Seaport. An increasing number of residents now identify reduced climate impact, biodiversity, and energy efficiency as key factors. Nine out of ten sort their waste, and for several types of waste, this proportion has increased since both 2016 and 2019, including glass and metal.

As the area continues to develop, the range of services has increased, which is reflected in the survey, where a noticeable increase is noted as more people experience the area as lively and vibrant – just over six out of ten believe this compared to 2019 when the figure was just over four out of ten.

It is gratifying to see that so many enjoy living in Stockholm Royal Seaport and that satisfaction is increasing with services such as grocery stores and pharmacies, restaurants, and access to public transport and cycle lanes. As more parts of Gasverket are completed, additional new businesses are opening, thereby enriching the restaurant and cultural offerings.

About the resident survey Stockholm City regularly conducts comprehensive resident surveys in Stockholm Royal Seaport to gain insights into the well-being of the residents and their awareness of upcoming development plans. The 2023 online survey was sent to 900 residents of Stockholm Royal Seaport, and included additional questions for residents of Hjorthagen and Gärdet. In total, 700 residents responded to the survey. The resident survey has been carried out since 2016.

Article Published: 20/12/2023 Updated: 30/05/2024