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Protected water salamanders relocated to new pond

During an ecological survey that underpins the design of green spaces at Loudden, it was discovered that protected large and small water salamanders inhabited two ponds situated among the oil tanks at Loudden’s oil port.

One hypothesis is that the larger water salamanders was already present when the oil port was established in 1928. Alternatively, the pond might have been colonised later despite the heavily impacted surroundings.

Protected water salamanders by the oil tanks in Loudden

Prior to land remediation of the site, the ponds were removed, and 1,600 water salamanders, of which 1,200 large water salamanders, were captured and relocated in 2018 to a newly constructed pond, Brunslättsdammen, located approximately  800 metres  south of Loudden. During 2019 and 2020, water salamanders were relocated from Loudden to the new pond, where aquatic plants from Loudden’s pond have spread, contributing to a good environment where the water salamanders have the opportunity to attach their eggs. There are also opportunities for winter burrows and hiding places.

A person works by the pond in Loudden where the water salamanders lived.
The pond in Loudden where the water salamanders use to live
Two people carefully catch water salamanders to be weighed, measured, photographed, and counted.
Water salamanders are carefully caught - weighed, measured, photographed, counted.
Close-up of a large water salamander
Large water salamander
Close-up of large water salamanders
Large water salamanders
Water salamander
Water salamander

In 2022, an inventory of the salamanders was conducted, followed by another inventory in May 2024. The assessment is that a viable population of large and small water salamanders has established in the new pond.

Brunslättsdammen, the new salamander pond in the Royal National City Park
Brunslättsdammen, the new salamander pond in the Royal National City Park
Brunslättsdammen at night
Brunslättsdammen at night

Brunslättsdammen has a website that provides more information about the relocation, the water salamanders, and the pond. This project was completed in 2020.

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Article Published: 10/04/2020 Updated: 07/06/2024