Stockholm Royal Seaport

Sustainability Report

High requirements on property developers

In Stockholm Royal Seaport, high requirements are placed on the property developers which are continuously monitored and developed. The requirements include the number of bicycle and car spaces, greenery and energy use.

Under construction
Under planning

Sustainability requirements on buildings

Building energy perfomance - residential

Meet SRS requirements
Meet SBC requirements
Do not meet requirements

All new buildings are low-energy houses. Energy calculations are made for all stages and after the building has been in operation for two years, measured values are followed up by the City of Stockholm.

Norra 2, Brofästet & Gasverket

City of Stockholm requirements (specific energy calc.):

  • Residential 55 kWh/m2 Atemp and year
  • Commercial 45 kWh/m2 Atemp and year
  • Gasverket has extra for ventilation

Norra 1 & Västra: are voluntary committments and have not been verified by the city of Stockholm.

Locally generated solar energy

Meet requirements
Do not meet requirements

As of phase Norra 2, there are requirements for all property developers to produce solar energy locally. To meet the requirement, solar equipments are installed on the roofs.

Green space index (GSI)

Meets requirements
Does not meets requirements

The size and shape of courtyards, as well as how many walls and roofs can be used for vegetation, play a role in how large an eco-efficient area can be created. To date, approximately 26,400 m² of green roofs and 47,300 m² of courtyards have been completed.

Locally generated solar energy

Sun panels on roof

In 2020, 558 MWh of solar energy was produced on the roofs in Stockholm Royal Seaport.

Green roofs

Green roofs
Roof surface occupied by solar panels

Based on satelite images.

Green roofs contribute to biodiversity, takes care of stormwater and lowers the carbon dioxide levels in the air. In each block there are requirements to meet green space index (GSI), which is achieved by, among other things, installing green roofs. To date, 26,400 m² of green roofs have been completed.