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5. Participation and Consultation

An inclusive process is based on opportunities for participation and consultation during all phases of city development. It is crucial that stakeholders can participate in different ways. By using a variety of methods to drive engagement and influence, greater numbers of people, irrespective of gender, age, and background, can be included in the process.

Communication is key to creating interest and participation. Research, innovation, knowledge development, and experience sharing are important factors to identifying sustainable solutions to complex challenges and can contribute to synergy effects in all target areas relevant for developing sustainable cities. Furthermore, the work with Stockholm Royal Seaport contributes to job creation.

The strategy contributes to meeting the global goals:

The strategy contributes to meeting the global goals:

Here we report on and provide examples of what is being done to meet sustainability targets.

5.1 Active participation in the city development process

An active dialogue with residents and businesses in the area helps establish city development and brings with it valuable knowledge to planning processes. According to the 2019 resident survey, 83 per cent of residents are interested in knowing more about the development of Stockholm Royal Seaport, primarily about ongoing construction activities. 35 per cent are interested in participating in the area’s development through consultation and information meetings, and 37 per cent via social media.

Consultations were held concerning detailed planning proposals to preserve and develop the eastern part of Gasverket in Hjorthagen. Reactions were mostly positive, and questions related to, for example, the need to have more park and playgrounds and the density of buildings. Read more

How targets have been met
5.1 Stimulate active participation in the development of Stockholm Royal Seaport towards a sustainable and open districtConsultation Gasverket Östra, two information meetings Mass Consolidation Centre.
90 plant boxes, two themed tours. Gasverksdagen, Frihamnen Live, architecture festival open house (approx. 8,500 visitors).

Key figures in summary

Table 5.1 Key figures for Participation and Consultation strategies

Capacity Development Programme seminar (participant)1.3443(110)6(143) 9(353) 7(238) 5(100) 14(128) 15(272)8 5 7
Forum for Sustainable Solutions, (participants)1.914-3(197) -1(77) 5(489) 6(494) 6(291) 4(289) 00
Gasverksdagen, Frihamnen Live, Open-house, participants14.2508.5002.3003.450----000
Thematic meetings /-excursions (participant)1.3003(55)3(43)4(230)4(260)8(IU)6(275)4(ca 250)IU4(ca 200)-
Sustainable Kids’ Forum (number of children)1.260-20060040060--000
Followers on FacebookEj rel4.2003.6893.1662.5581.6801.089IUIUIUIU
Tillfälliga odlingslådor blir lokala mötesplatser och skapar engagemang. Foto: Lieselotte Van Der Meijs
Temporary plant boxes become local meeting places and create engagement. Photo: Lieselotte Van Der Meijs

5.2 Sustainable consumption

The sharing economy is crucial to reduce consumption and increase knowledge and awareness about personal consumption. The Pop-up Reuse Centre has, in addition to contributing to reducing the amount of waste through increased reuse, also increased understanding of consumption patterns and environmental impact. Furthermore, the centre has become a meeting place for residents.

How targets have been met
5.2 Create conditions for sustainable consumption Pop-up Reuse Centre: available in the area twice in 2019, (12,880 visitors and some 7,000 items weighing 2.1 tonnes that got new owners).
Car-boot sale in Södra Värtan.

5.3 The role of business and the public sector

In 2019, requirements were made of two of the city’s construction procurements to provide employment for individuals outside the labour market. This has, however, not resulted in jobs being created. From soil remediation in Södra Värtan onwards, all developers are subject to these requirements.

Pre-schools in Stockholm Royal Seaport have Keep Sweden Tidy Green Flag certification, a national framework for how schools and pre-schools can teach sustainability issues in inspirational ways. To date, four of eight pre-schools in the area have been certified.

“Hållplatsen”, a forum for dialogue and playful learning for pre-school children and their parents, was held. In all, around 1,260 children participated in these activities.

In 2020, the City District Administration of Östermalm will review access to venues for increased participation.

Working environment and safety

Stockholm Royal Seaport is home to many Stockholmers. It is also a complex construction area with large numbers of developers, suppliers, contractors, and other professionals. In 2019, elementary school, Bobergsskolan, opened and around 420 pupils now live in the area. In parallel with construction work, residents are moving in, and new businesses are setting up. Large numbers of people need to work together safely and securely in a limited space. The Stockholm Royal Seaport project has a vision for a construction working environment and zero tolerance of working accidents and incidents.

To create safe and secure construction sites, a large number of precautionary measures were taken in co-operation with developers and suppliers. All visitors to and in the vicinity of the construction area are included in different ways by these safety initiatives. Examples of activities and measures taken include a variety of risk assessments, information about logistics and facilities, in-depth construction start-up meetings and regular fire and safety checks. The Stockholm Royal Seaport project also actively co-operates with the police and fire service to practice emergency procedures.

The smartphone app Buildsafe is used to facilitate the reporting of a variety of incidents. The number of reported incidents increased in 2019, compared to previous years. The most frequent incidents included damage to fencing and gates, improper storage of building materials, and faulty protection equipment. It is reasonable to conclude that the number of reported incidents increased due to improved transparency and a more open attitude to reporting incidents. This in turn leads to increased opportunities to work on preventative measures at earlier stages of projects.

Ever since building work started, Stockholm Royal Seaport has, relative to the construction sector, experienced a low number of workplace accidents resulting in sick leave. However, one fatality occurred in 2018.

A safety tour focusing on patrols on foot and by bike to identify risk areas was conducted in co-operation with the police and the City District Administration. At the end of 2019, a memorandum was drafted for emergency service personnel outlining health risks associated with rescue operations.

Table 5.2 Summary of numbers of incidents, events, and accidents

Reported incidents7715064057359
Working place accidents resulting in sick leave62213

Employee survey

Every year, the City of Stockholm conducts a survey of City of Stockholm employees, Aktivt Medskapande Index, (AMI), an index of motivation, management, and leadership. In 2018, the AMI result for Stockholm Royal Seaport was unchanged from the previous year. The result was somewhat higher than other comparable City Development Administration projects.

A large proportion of employees report that ideas for improvements within the framework of work with Stockholm Royal Seaport were welcome, and that operations and capacities were being developed. However, respondents also reported that their working situation had worsened due to heavier workloads. As a result, in 2018 an action plan was drawn up that included comprehensive targets, routines, and information.

How targets have been met
5.3 Private and public sectors contribute to the sustainable profile of the area Four pre-schools of eight are Green Flag certified.
Hållplatsen, ett forum för dialog och lekfullt lärande för förskolebarn och deras föräldrar.
“Hållplatsen”, a forum for dialogue and playful learning for pre-school children and their parents, was held. In all, around 1,260 children participated in these activities.

5.4 Knowledge-building and experience sharing

The ambitious sustainability goals of Stockholm Royal Seaport require co-operation and shared learning that results in innovative solutions and tools, as well as new business models. During 2019 a number of innovation activities related to Stockholm Royal Seaport have been ongoing.

Stockholm Royal Seaport regularly hosts a large number of study visits to share experiences and sustainable urban development solutions. During the year, we welcomed 6,000 visitors from 57 countries. Since 2012, a total of 40,000 visitors from more than 120 countries have visited the area. Many visitors have been interested in applying tools, for example the Green Space Index, to their own municipalities.

Capacity development

Since 2010, Stockholm Royal Seaport has run a capacity development programme in the form of a series of seminars to which developers, their consultants, and City of Stockholm officials were invited to deepen knowledge of key issues. To increase opportunities for different suppliers to meet developers, “matchmaking” seminars have been held since 2012, known as “Forum for Sustainable Solutions”, where innovative products and service are presented.

In 2019, 110 people participated in three seminars, no forums were held. To date, a total of 3,258 community builders have participated in a variety of capacity development seminars.

Capacity development>

Experience sharing

In 2019, representatives from Stockholm Royal Seaport participated in workshops, conferences, and industry events such as World Water Week and Samhällsbyggardagarna in Stockholm, Mayors Summit in Copenhagen, and Urban Future in Oslo. The project also participated in international fairs such as ExpoReal in Munich and Smart City Expo in Barcelona. Under the auspices of the C40 City Solutions Platform, Stockholm Royal Seaport hosted an international workshop related to the challenge of electricity storage.

Participation in the C40 network Zero Carbon Districts Forum as part of the Climate Positive Development Programme (CPDP) is now terminated. New forms of co-operation are currently being discussed.

Experiences generated by Stockholm Royal Seaport have influenced the formulation of requirements and follow-up for other projects. For example, requirements for energy performance, the Green Space Index, material selection, and digital infrastructure have become standard for City of Stockholm land allocation. The City Development Administration’s review database, which was procured in 2019, was based on Stockholm Royal Seaport’s experiences. National certification systems for buildings and neighbourhoods have aligned with Stockholm Royal Seaport’s approach.

What residents think

The 2019 resident survey shows that one in three residents want to participate in the continued development of the area either by attending consultation and information meetings or via social media. See diagram 5.4.1

Diagram 5.1 How will you participate in the continued development of the area?

There is no data for social media groups for 2016 as the question was not asked.

Two out of three residents say that recycling opportunities have improved since they moved to Stockholm Royal Seaport. Around half also report an improvement in opportunities to walk/cycle. Barely one in three believe that their opportunities to use public transport had worsened. See diagram 5.2.

Diagram 5.2 Compared to before you moved to Stockholm Royal Seaport, have the conditions for your household to live sustainably improved or worsened in terms of... ?

Around half of residents report that since moving to the area, they have established more environmentally-friendly behaviours in terms of recycling, at the same time as two out of five report having created more environmentally-friendly behaviours in terms of walking and cycling. See diagram 5.3.

Diagram 5.3 Since moving to Stockholm Royal Seaport, has your household changed its behaviour in terms of…

How targets have been met
5.4 Knowledge and experiences generated in Stockholm Royal Seaport are to be disseminated10 ongoing R&D projects.
Capacity development 2019: 110 participants. Capacity development programme (total 1,334 participants) and forum for sustainable solutions (total 1,914 participants).
6,000 visitors, 40,000 total since 2012.
Forum för hållbara byggnader.
“It doesn’t matter if energy requirements are made stricter if they aren’t followed up. This is where Stockholm Royal Seaport is doing a lot of detective work that we’re following with great interest.” Birgitta Govén, energy expert at Byggföretagen at the vid “How we obtain energy performance that withstands scrutiny” forum. Photo: Eric Cung Din

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Key figures:

  • 6 000 visitors from 57 countries visited the project during 2019.
  • 110 stakeholders from the construction and building sector participated in the capacity building programme.
  • In 2019, 18,5 million SEK was granted for various innovation projects.